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Our mission is simple: 

mindbody, and spirit are essential to our core health and must all be strengthened to achieve true total wellness.

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"Set your mind on the things above." Col 3:2

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"I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should." 1 Cor 9:27

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"Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." Gal 5:25

Meet James

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I have a lifetime background in sports, having played all my life and even football on the collegiate level. I joined the Crossfit community in 2016 and really perfected my love for strength training and fitness.

Joel Parlour is the pastor of our church (Seattle International Christian Church) and we created the initial health pact. He would strengthen me spiritually if I strengthened him physically. As a former basketball player he had an athletic foundation and we used our bond to reach our goals. 

Our bond, combined with God's word, led to me getting baptized January 27th 2019 and my life has been forever changed. TriblendFitness was created and Joel has been a trailblazer with me during this endeavor Blending faith and fitness and helping to continuously grow this amazing community of faithfully fit disciples. 
Professionally, I practice anesthesia here in Seattle. This training and insight provides me with a clear understanding of what it takes to get fit and maintain a healthy life.

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What people are saying...


"What I like most about TriBlend Fitness is that it pushes me to go further than I think I can. The people are incredibly encouraging and inspire me to grow not just physically but mentally and spiritually. I’ve never found a fitness program like it."


"Once I tried TriBlend Fitness, it completely changed how I went about working out. I've never felt so much teamwork or bonding before working out with TriBlend Fitness. I started out a little slow, but with all the energy that's brought into these workouts, everyone is able to find that one person that inspires them to grow."



    "I never knew how much physical exercise could help develop more than just your body. When James invited met work out with them, I really appreciated how they integrated strengthening mentally and spiritually, as well as physically."



"The community that makes up TriBlend Fitness is not only awe-inspiring but holds you to new standards and complete accountability in a way that no other fitness program has/will. Equipped with fearless leaders, TriBlend focuses on whole body health - physical, spiritual and mental. As an athlete, it has not only been important for me to strengthen my body, but to have strengthen my mind. Taking the time to connect all elements of our bodies, TriBlend has set their intentions on a growth mindset in every sense of the word. I have learned how to better care for my body through connecting my brain, my body, and my heart. I have never felt more encouraged, more at home, or more connected than I have with TriBlend Fitness. They do not disappoint! Be prepared to come out as a stronger person, through and through, on the other side."

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Building strength through community

At TriBlend Fitness, we’re dedicated to teaching what it means to have total body health through live group workouts, innovative meal plans, and spiritual resources and guides. With the understanding that being healthy must include our mind, body, and spirit, our aim is to create a fitness community that helps people find their spiritual, mental, and physical health in a way they never have before.

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